When the wind blows

A new sign structures guide

Simon Morgan has edited and co-written a Sign Structures Guide, published by IHIE. This explains the new method for determining wind loads and designing sign structures to the Eurocodes BS EN 12899 and BS EN 1991. In conjunction with this publication, SignLoad version 1.1 has been updated to implement the same procedure in software and help specifiers to determine the correct wind load for different parts of the UK.

Unlike most Buchanan Computing software, SignLoad Designer is totally free of charge. An enhanced version, SignLoad Professional, is also available and is incorporated into the latest version 2.1 of SignPlot for sign face design. All editions will print a sign schedule, check for passive safety to Highways Agency standard TA89/05 and print a dimensioned drawing of the sign structure.

Further information:

Simon Morgan
020 8846 3220