05 February 2024

We are delighted to announce the launch of AccsMap 7.0 and are generally always keen that you apply new upgrades as soon as possible to make the most of the new features.

However for this upgrade the exact timing as to when is the best or most appropriate time to upgrade will depend on how you use AccsMap.

Police forces are expected to start collecting data in the new STATS19 format from 1st January 2024 and some forces are already, however the exact date when this will commence will vary force to force with the expectation that everyone will have moved over by the end of the year. These are our recommendations:

  • If you enter data from the NCRF paper forms into AccsMap then you would should aim to apply the upgrade once officers start to collect data using the new forms. Ideally you would key in all collisions collected on the older forms first before upgrading.
  • If you are police force or LA who is supplied data to load into AccsMap and then validate the data in AccsMap then the best time to upgrade is when you start to receive data collected in the new STATS19 format. If your local force uses the CRASH system then data is already being collected in the new format so contact your data supplier to request exports in the 2024 format. We have developed an updated CRASH import routine to load this data and can supply on request alongside the upgrade.
  • If you are police force or LA who is supplied data to load into AccsMap but solely use AccsMap for analysis then you should check with your supplier to try and found out timelines for the data to be collected and supplied in STATS19 2024 format. You can apply the upgrade before your data is supplied in the new format as the existing import will still work but you need to be aware of when the data format will be updated so that we can update and supply a new import program in readiness. To help us with this please send a sample and new specification of the new format.

If you would like to create a separate testing version to trial the upgrade then we can advise on how to do this. If we host your AccsMap in our cloud then we can set this up for you.

In case you have further questions or queries then don’t hesitate in contacting our support team at support@buchanancomputing.co.uk.