With the need for CE or UKCA marking of traffic signs, passive safety considerations and many new products becoming available, it has become increasingly complicated for traffic sign designers to specify safe, but economical, post sizes and foundations.

SignLoad Professional greatly simplifies the process and produces a more economical design than any other software.

Implements structural and passive safety standards
Implements structural and passive safety standards


  • Implements the wind actions Eurocode to produce a more economical design than using EN 12899 alone
  • Ensures compliance with both EN 12899-1 and EN 12767 for any part of UK or Ireland
  • Approved by BSI for CE or UKCA marking sign faces or complete structures
  • Identifies the most economical design, or checks your choice
  • Simple to use, quick and accurate
  • Includes economical ‘planted’ foundations
Sign stiffening for any substrates
Sign stiffening for any substrates


  • Designs steel and passively-safe sign supports, including asymmetrical arrangements
  • Designs sign face stiffening (channel section spacing) for all major suppliers and substrates, including composites and GRP
  • Checks for Passive Safety compliance to BS EN 12767:2019
  • Covers the full range of sign sizes, and types of post
  • Generates sign schedules in Excel
  • Designs spread, planted or screw pile foundations
  • Gives foundation reinforcement requirement
  • Uses accurate wind data for any county in the UK or Ireland
Structural details and drawing printed for each sign
Structural details and drawing printed for each sign


  • Updated for 2021 IHE Sign Structures Guide
  • Separate options for CD 354 compliance for trunk roads
  • Multiple separate signs on a single structure
  • Option to enter sign weight for VMS and other equipment
  • Aluminum sections and many other new supports
  • Update over the Internet
  • Ensure a specified % spare capacity
  • More printout options
  • PDF help file


Sign support design

SignLoad is a stand-alone version of the traffic sign structural calculation module from SignPlot – the UK’s most widely used system for traffic sign design.
It is very easy to use – just enter the sign dimensions, its mounting height and click the Suggest section button. Then click the Print button if you are happy with the result.
If the supports are not symmetrically placed, click the Arrangement button, and just drag the supports where you want them.

SignLoad Designer

The free Designer version of SignLoad (download here) includes:

  • Wind load determination using BS EN 12899 National Annex
  • Sign support design using circular and rectangular steel sections.
  • Asymmetrical support positions
  • Multiple separate plates
  • Signs on slopes
  • Detailed printout with dimensioned drawing
  • Passive safety check
Built-in calculations

The program checks for design load and temporary deflection (bending, torsion and their combined effect). It considers both wind load and a point load in accordance with the current recommendations for implementing EN 12899-1 in the UK and Ireland. It offers the options of selecting a wind loading class, entering a pressure or deriving more accurate data for the locality concerned from BS EN 1991-1-4.
Using the EN 1991 method (very time consuming to do manually) generally results in a much lower pressure, and therefore a more economical and safer design, than using EN 12899 alone.

SignLoad Professional

The Professional version (from our on-line shop) adds the following features:

  • Accurate wind data from EN 1991 to give a more economical design
  • Support design for aluminium, Lattix, Optimast, Signstr8, Jerol, FSP, or HiMAST passively-safe sections, wide base posts or U-beams
  • Foundation design made simple for spread, planted or FLI screw pile foundations
  • Foundation reinforcement check for the grade of concrete specified
  • Create a sign schedule in Excel
  • Channel spacing using sections supplied by SignPost Solutions, Rennicks, Blackburns, ASD or Metalfin, and aluminium, steel, GRP and composite sign substrates
  • Signs made in vertical modules
  • Configure printout and change the choice of sections and products
  • Option to include snow loading and sign weight in the calculations
  • Approved by BSI for CE or UKCA marking