SignLoad has SafeHit supports for their launch

A new passively safe support for traffic signs was launched in UK on 7 March, and SignLoad Professional was ready with its version 3.81 that has them as a design option. Buchanan Computing had worked behind the scenes with BD Samferdsel the designers of SafeHit, and Lattix which produces and delivers them, to be ready for their launch. We were also in close touch with All Traffic Products, the sole UK distributor for SafeHit masts. 

SignLoad 3.81 also has the range of sign support channels from Material Solutions in Ireland, so there is every reason for existing users to upgrade. We expect to introduce many new customers to this, the leading sign structure design system in UK and Ireland. SignLoad Professional is easy to use for non specialists but it undertakes internally a wealth of detailed calculations that are fully compliant with the 2021 IHE Sign Structures Guide (which we edited) and with National Highways DMRB standards CD 354 and CG 300.

These same new mounting products will be available shortly in our intelligent and productive sign face design software, SignPlot, which has SignLoad build into it.

The SignLoad Professional 3.81 update can be downloaded using the Check for updates button in the software, or from the User Area of our website.