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Buchanan Cloud Services offer secure, easy to use, complete hosted solutions

A practical solution for your complete infrastructure needs providing complete hosted solutions using our ISO 27001 secure vetted private Cloud service. The Buchanan Private Cloud is designed to facilitate working from home, as well as ensuring users are always kept up to date with the latest software releases.

The advantages of Buchanan Cloud Services


Grant controlled access to your data, for use in your office, working remotely or on-site


We provide a highly resilient environment backed by a comprehensive Service Level Agreement


Ample storage is provided along with a robust 3-tier back-up of your data


Comparable with running the same software on a local workstation

Highly Scalable

Ability to increase both the number of users and data storage

Time Savings

Avoid the complexity and skilled resources needed to set-up and maintain your own servers

Cost Savings

Remove the cost of purchasing and maintaining your own servers, and the need for expensive hardware service agreements and maintenance contracts

Managed Service

Includes installation of all upgrades and patches required for the smooth running of your applications and its underpinning environment


Our private cloud is built upon robust physical and system security, limiting access to designated staff

UK Data Centres

Comply with data protection requirements even for sensitive information


Helping to improve the nation’s traffic signing is something of a mission for us

Our consultants work daily with clients assisting them with Traffic Order drafting and data entry service using our ground breaking ParkMap cloud based platform.  Our core consultancy service includes:

  • Drafting Traffic Orders
  • Traffweb publishing
  • Temporary Traffic Order requests
  • Consultation Plan Generation
We can also assist with bespoke requests including:
  • Electric Vehicle strategy
  • Moving Traffic Enforcement
  • Parking Scheme Design
  • Public Engagement and Traffic Order Consultation
  • Programme Management


We offer a wide range of training courses to help you to get the most out of our products
We also offer courses that will bring you up to speed on related areas such as traffic signing and Geographic Information System (GIS). Each of our applications has a range of courses to cater for experience level, relevant optional modules and the different ways in which our products will be used. We train everyone from complete beginners to the more experienced user who is looking to cover the advanced features in more depth.

Our current range of Training Courses

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Product Development

We regularly undertake bespoke projects for individual clients

Our experts understand the world of traffic and highways like no other organisation, meaning that we are able to rapidly develop tailored solutions to meet your needs. We use an agile approach to development, and have adopted a DevOps culture with a focus on security, which facilitates good project control and enables products and applications to be developed in a controlled, collaborative manner.

A sample of our client development projects

TfL Speed Limit Mapping

We are the developers behind the speed map used by Transport for London’s Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) project (and Buchanan Consulting, is responsible for gathering and inputting the data).

MORE Project

Our work on the EU funded MORE Project required us to deliver multilingual stakeholder engagement and street design tools to five partner cities across Europe based on our Traffweb and LineMap applications.