Highways Suite

Our Highways Suite of products are applications, predominantly based around a digital mapping interface, designed for the highways and transport specialist and providing applications for Traffic Order Management, Signing and Lining and Collision Analysis. All our products can be used individually or as part of a complete Cloud Service and they uniquely blend proprietary and Open Source technology in order to provide the best solutions for our clients.


ParkMap Cloud Services is a complete solution to managing your traffic orders and on-street parking infrastructure


AccsMap Cloud Service is a powerful map-based road collision system and the expert’s choice for collision analysis


Leading UK traffic sign design system which automates the rules of the Traffic Signs Regulations


UK Industry leader for economical post and foundation sign design structures

AccsMap Cloud Service


AccsMap is a powerful map-based road collision system which enables data to be viewed and interrogated on a map background so it can be analysed. Whether it is analysing specific sites, looking at regional trends, or carrying out comparative studies, AccsMap will provide the information needed to make knowledgeable decisions about road safety.

  • Provides full STATS 21 validation with Department for Transport exports and the justification of safety camera sites.
  • Powerful query and reporting routines take the analysis of collision data to the next level.
  • AccsMap has a comprehensive set of analytical tools, including routing and cluster identification which are coupled with the ability to share information with partners and members of the public.


A series of road casualty dashboards that allow the sharing of key details in a clear and easy to understand manner, enabling non-specialists to interrogate data in an interactive way.


A free-to-use app, containing complete national collision data sets for multiple years. Designed specifically with members of the public in mind, it shows the latest road accidents that have occurred around the country with a sanitised level of information.

STATS19 and Connected Data

We understand the importance of data so, alongside STATS 19, we enable access to an ever expanding range of external data sets that fit perfectly with our software including: Super Output Areas, DfT’s Traffic Data, TAG values, and statistical information from the ONS on population, gender, age and deprivation.

Download Centre

Our Download Centre is the UK’s only accident analysis system that allows analysts to access collision data from any UK mainland authority. The data is inclusive of contributory factors, allowing for robust comparative analysis to be carried out between any number of authorities.


A corporate level Web app that provide an efficient and effective way to share data with different parties interested in road safety, including Partner organisations. The app can contain other relevant data sets such as routes of interest and safety cameras alongside road collisions.

Cloud Service

Our Cloud Service provides a hassle-free environment that is the practical solution for your complete infrastructure needs. The Service is ISO 27001 secure, private, vetted and designed to facilitate working from home, as well as ensuring users are always kept abreast of the latest software releases.

ParkMap Cloud Service

An integrated cloud-based service providing the complete solution to managing your Traffic Orders and on street parking infrastructure. ParkMap Cloud Service is designed to simplify and enhance the management of static and moving Traffic Orders, handling the complete life cycle of Traffic Orders and other kerb side controls right through from initial scheme design, public engagement, consolidation of orders and legal document generation to sharing information online. It facilitates cross-departmental working and can be accessed remotely from multiple locations.

Our ParkMap Cloud service is made up of:

  • Order Making.
  • Web apps for:
    • Public Consultation (Statutory and early stage).
    • View and interrogation traffic orders.
    • CEO and Public fault reporting.
  • Associated Sign and Line designs, without which traffic orders cannot be effectively enforced.
  • Asset management tool.
  • API and web services for sharing and consuming data.
  • Traffic order management services, from surveying your area, to helping you make your traffic orders.


ParkMap currently provides over 90 local authorities across the UK with an accessible map-based inventory of parking and moving traffic regulations. The platform is fully compliant with digitised traffic orders (D-TROs) and the new National Parking Platform (NPP).

  • ParkMap uses an open API, making the whole process of creating traffic orders easier and more intuitive, allowing the user to call in related current datasets as and when required, without having to embark on lengthy data quests.
  • Uniquely able to link both map and text based legal orders, to an inventory of the markings and signs that can be used.
  • Deals efficiently with processes such as amendment orders, revocations and consolidations, temporary suspensions and experimental orders and allows for easy management of speed limits, banned turns, bus gates, lorry bans and other restrictions affecting the movement of vehicles.
  • Combines traffic orders with default speeds for different road types, producing a continuous area-wide map of speed limits on all roads including the default limits for single and dual carriageways and lit areas.

Road Markings and Signs

Integration with SignPlot and LineMap for vertical and horizontal signing of regulations including parking plate designs made to TSRGD and DfT requirements and accurate drawings of road markings created from traffic order information.

Traffic Orders Online

Share your Traffic Order data online by making it available via Traffweb for wider dissemination to the public and other staff in your organisation. Traffweb provides public and private access to tools for Public Consultation of proposed traffic orders, display of confirmed traffic orders, fault reporting and links for parking suspension booking and processing.

Traffic Orders in the Cloud

A hassle-free environment that is the practical solution for your complete Infrastructure needs. Our ISO 27001 secure vetted private Cloud service is designed to facilitate working from home, as well as ensuring users are always kept abreast of the latest software releases. Specialists in both IT and traffic order processes are readily available to provide a superb level of support and deliver optimal performance for all types of user.

Traffic Orders API

The Traffic Orders API (application programming interface) provides access to traffic orders data that can be used by a wide range of third-party systems. Traffic Order information is standardised and aggregated from our ParkMap systems and can be consumed in three formats:

  • APDS
  • TRO-D

Surveys and Consultancy

Our consultancy arm, Buchanan Consulting, are experts in surveying on-street parking and moving traffic signs and markings, recording these in ParkMap and relating these to the traffic orders. They can advise on resolving any differences and on the necessary steps for making totally new orders or converting to the new map-based schedule format.

Signs and Lines

An accurate record of signs and road markings is vital for efficient management and to meet the requirements of the Traffic Management Act. Whether you design, manufacture or maintain traffic signs or road markings, our systems can help and we believe in making design as simple as possible by incorporating the relevant guidance and standards into our software.


SignPlot is the only system to fully automate the layout and spacing rules of the Traffic Signs Regulations and Traffic Signs Manual.
  • Covers all the signs introduced in the 2016 TSRGD, such as those for temporary lane closures, ‘tiger tails’ and lane bifurcations, and the new options for parking plates.
  • All relevant Department for Transport (DfT) spacing and layout rules are applied automatically when required: destinations, mileages, panels, patches, symbols, arrows, route numbers and any regulatory or warning signs shown on them.
  • Makes sign design quick, accurate, colourful and economical for both new and experienced designers.
  • Comes with built-in state-of-the-art structural design.
Builds automatically over 70 types of regulatory sign
Translates to Welsh for bilingual plates
Contains more than 750 accurate signs and symbols


The structural design module built into SignPlot is also available separately as SignLoad. This implements the 2007 versions of Eurocodes EN12899 and EN12767, with their latest UK National Annexes, to design safe but economical sign structures, including their foundations and stiffening, for any location in Britain or Ireland.

With the need for CE or UKCA marking of traffic signs, passive safety considerations and many new products becoming available, it has become increasingly complicated for traffic sign designers to specify safe, but economical, post sizes and foundations. SignLoad greatly simplifies the process and produces a more economical design than any other software.

SignLoad Professional, the UK’s most widely used and most economical post and foundation design, is built in at no extra cost

  • Approved by BSI
  • Checks for Passive Safety compliance to BS EN 12767:2019


Road Markings

LineMap is a major breakthrough in productivity for traffic and highway engineers combining the power of Computer Aided Design (CAD) with the simplicity of word processing, to provide a fast and accurate design tool with the option to build up inventory and maintenance records for a whole local authority.

  • All road markings contained in the latest UK Government’s Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions (TSRGD) can be placed, including complicated zig-zags for school entrances and pedestrian crossings. The resulting lines will automatically follow the curvature of the road or any other guideline.
  • Includes over 150 different types of Road Markings.
  • Simple block level road use types for design consultation.
  • LineMap allows you to build a permanent record of markings as they are drawn, reducing effort in design work and record keeping and providing a record for maintenance and reinstatement work.
  • Negates the need to measure quantities on-site.

System Integration

Our systems can be used individually or linked together. LineMap and SignPlot can both be linked to ParkMap so that the correct signing and road markings can be created and maintained seamlessly as your Traffic Orders dataset evolves. We can exchange designs with Third party systems in a wide variety of formats.

Industry Leading Expertise and Knowledge

Helping to improve the nation’s traffic signing is something of a mission for us and, quite apart from supplying and supporting software, we are much involved in training, consultancy, policy and liaison work with the DfT, BSI, National Highways, Transport Scotland, Welsh Government, IHE, BPA and others at a national level.