Buchanan Consulting

As the consulting arm of Buchanan Computing we provide full service offerings for cloud based Digital-TROs and Connected Services, to highway authorities throughout the UK. Specialising in all aspects of TRO, Parking and EV schemes. Providing an end-to-end service from feasibility studies and training; to surveys and auditing; with design and Traffic Order drafting; and consultation management and analysis, through to Implementation.


Consultancy Services and Training 
  • Buchanan Consulting offer advice and expertise on traffic orders, to support scheme feasibility, CPZ reviews, and surveying services.
  • Assisting with all aspects of Moving Traffic Enforcement powers, including application for Designation Orders, to reviewing site selection, and legal compliance and enforceability.
  • Traffic Order training courses.
  • Developing highway related strategies, such as EV, Active Travel, Freight Networks and parking policies.

ParkMap Implementations

  • Digitalisation of Text-based & Map-based schedules. Updating existing ParkMap systems.
  • Traffic Order Surveys, for data capture, compliance and maintenance auditing (including Signs and Lines).
  • Complete end-to-end methodology, delivering the authority with a fully functioning map-based ParkMap system (for National Parking Platform (NPP) and DfT D-TRO requirements).
  • Creating a digital mapping layer through our Data Services API (application programming interface) sharing highway asset data and alternative transport modes, i.e. E-Scooter, cycle facilities, freight & public transport.


Highway Surveys 
  • Dynamic surveying solutions, offer flexibility in data capture, from on-foot to video capture.
  • Full Static, Moving and Speed limit reviews, capturing accurate location data for asset and inventory items.
  • Post extraction validation reporting, to ensure compliance to TSRGD, and Traffic order discrepancies.
  • Data inventory records to provide compliance and maintenance auditing.c

End-to-end Traffic Order Support and Order Making

Design – From feasibility and detailed design work;

Consultation – Drafting and managing your online Consultation platform (in Traffweb). Including informal, statutory bodies and stakeholders and formal public consultation. Through to analysis and reporting of consultation responses, committee reports and modified designs.

Drafting – Drafting all permanent, temporary and experimental TMO/TROs to the Local Authorities standard TO template, for static and moving restrictions, including: 

  • Order drafting includes Notice of Variation, Amendment Orders, Off Street Parking Place Orders, Minor Orders and Consolidation Orders, Public notices (Notice and Intent and Notice of Making) and producing deposit, with consultation plans, statement of reasons and other supporting documents.