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We are the UK’s leading provider of managed Cloud Services for transport planners.  Established over 25 years ago, our experts work with well over 100 local authorities across the United Kingdom.

Road systems across the UK are constantly evolving and need to be able to cope with a wide range of competing uses – from pedestrianisation to cycle lanes and EV charging points to low carbon emission zones and autonomous cars.  The innovative digital applications and services we offer, help transport specialists to accurately and efficiently design road ecosystems fit for the future in real time, where all elements work in harmony to create a safe and effective transport system.


We develop, host and supply cloud-based support systems for the transport and highways industry.

This support enables transport specialists to develop optimum systems for managing safe and efficient street ecosystems that are fit for the future.

Our state-of-the-art digital technology allows planners to work in real time to design networks where all elements work in harmony to create an effective transport network.


We work across many sectors within the transportation industry providing a complete package of applications and services, adding significant value to Digital Twin and Smart Cities strategies.

Road Safety

Digital tools for comprehensive road accident analysis and mapping

Traffic Orders

Groundbreaking cloud mapping services for on-street parking controls

Signing and Lining

Comprehensive range of software for designing, managing and recording signs and lines



The company was formed in 1997.

It is named after the celebrated transport planner, Prof. Sir Colin Buchanan, author of Traffic in Towns, as it was created by the company he founded. Before his death in 2001, Sir Colin visited Buchanan Computing on several occasions, giving us his seal of approval. Buchanan Computing is now independent and owned by its directors.


Our focus is on customer satisfaction and in building long-term relationships with those who use our digital applications, services and web applications.

All of our clients receive an outstanding level of support from our knowledgeable, experienced advisers.  We have a rapidly growing customer base and offer an expert, friendly and flexible approach that does not assume any IT expertise on the part of those commissioning our products and services.


Our outstanding client portfolio includes almost all the UK’s major highway authorities, central Government, sign manufacturers and Police Forces.
All London Boroughs
Local Authorities​
Transport Consultants
Sign manufacturers


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