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Software solutions for traffic professionals

Software solutions for traffic professionals

Traffic sign design with Buchanan Computing

Animated presentation

Click here to view a real-time annotated on-screen Flash demonstration of some major features of this software

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caption popup|Route analysis
Route analysis

AccsMap is a map-based road casualty analysis system developed specifically for the UK. It is a comprehensive input, reporting, analysis and validation system for road accidents, enabling data to be viewed and interrogated on a map background. AccsMap is able to provide full STATS 21 validation with Department for Transport (DfT) exports and the justification of safety camera sites. 


  • Querying facilities for selective analysis of accident data
  • Comprehensive range of analytical and reporting tools
  • Overview facility to look at the whole area at once 
    caption popup|Clear analysis and ranking
    Clear analysis and ranking


  • Validation of collision data in accordance with STATS 21 and DfT export
  • Clear and easy to use to simplify input of new accident data
  • Multi-level security to allow appropriate access to unvalidated accident records


  • Full or summary details on individual collisions or clusters are accessed at the click of a mouse
    caption popup|Clear display of multiple collisions at single locations
    Clear display of multiple collisions at single locations
  • Interactive Cluster and Route analysis of user-defined selections of collision records 
  • Before and after monitoring with statistical analyses of predefined areas and camera sites
  • Regular enhancements to manage changes brought about by quality reviews and other DfT requirements
More product details

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